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Uniwersytet Wrocławski

The Doctoral College

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About the Doctoral School

Doctoral schools were established through the latest reform of higher education in Poland. Their role is to educate doctoral students and prepare them to obtain a doctoral degree.

At the University of Wrocław we founded the Doctoral Colleges. Our College of Sociology operates at the Faculty of Social Sciences and it conducts education in the scientific discipline of sociological sciences.

About the Doctoral College of Sociology

Are you passionate about social phenomena - both the closest, happening between people and groups, and the most complex ones, in which the major role is played by large organizations, countries and nations? Do you want to learn to study, understand and explain them? Do you dream of an academic career in an international environment?

The education at the Doctoral College of Sociology is a good choice for people who are passionate about sociology and who are eager to develop career by conducting their own research in this area. The main component of this program is the conduct of independent research by doctoral students, which forms the basis of their doctoral dissertation.

In addition, doctoral students participate in classes that develop competence in the field of methodology of science and methodology of social research, classical and contemporary theoretical concepts in the field of social sciences and the tools which are essential in academic work. Classes are composed in order to broaden knowledge and deepen the skills that remain needed to conduct independent scientific work in an international environment.

The education program also envisages promoting mobility, both internationally and within universities between disciplines. Doctoral students have the opportunity to participate in several months of foreign research and scientific internships. All students at the College receive a guaranteed scholarship.

The education at the Doctoral College of Sociology opens the possibility of academic career, both in research and didactic positions. The doctoral degree also enables career development outside the science sector, including public institutions, opinion and market research, non-governmental organizations, management and others.

Who are we looking for?

The Doctoral College of Sociology is looking for candidates oriented on the development of an academic career in an international environment, open to new scientific challenges and determined to conduct high-quality research in the field of sociology and other social sciences. We expect from the candidates a master's degree (or equivalent) in the field of social sciences or humanities, high language competence in English and general knowledge in the field of sociology.

The complete programme can be found in the section "Curriculum"

Scholarships and tuition

Doctoral School is tuition free for all doctoral students, irrespective of the country of origin.
All students at the Doctoral School receive doctoral scholarships.
The following doctoral scholarship rates shall be established (since January 1, 2023):
(a) PLN 2668.00 per month gross - until the month in which the mid-term evaluation;
b) PLN 4110.00 per month gross - after the month in which the mid-term evaluation was conducted.

Interested in applying? Please check our Recruitment section! 

Contact: the Head of the Doctoral College of Sociology: Professor Katarzyna Kajdanek: