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Uniwersytet Wrocławski

The Doctoral College

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Paweł Korobczak, Associate Professor

  1. The main field of my research is the question of values in the context of Martin Heidegger’s thought. I’m interested in the possibility of thinking in values after Heidegger’s criticism and after Nietzsche’s diagnosis of nihilism and his project of re-valuating values. So except for Heidegger’s and Nietzsche’s philosophy I also research in material ethics of values (Scheler, Hartmann, Hildebrand) and the newer approaches to ethics (like Józef Tischner‘s, Emmanuel Levinas‘, Jacques Derrida‘s). I also do research on Husserl’s concept of Lebenswelt trying to recognize its potentiality to be a space of common/universal values.
  2. I’m author of two monographs in Polish: An Anarchaic Thought: The Question of the Beginning in Friedrich Nietzsche’s Thought (2006) and A Concealed Ethical Dimension in Martin Heidegger’s Thought (2018). And almost twenty articles and chapters in multiauthor monographs including one in German.
  3. I regularly teach classes in English. Subjects of those classes include: Introduction to Martin Heidegger’s Being and Time, History of Ethics, Nietzsche’s Thought in Perspective of His Ecce Homo.
  4. My plans for nearest future involve the detailed recognition of Lebenswelt in early phenomenological thought and working out the question of values. I take part in the working group dealing with that question. I also think of extending the range of cooperation for foreign researchers interested in that field.

Contact details:, room 320 (The Institute of Philosophy)