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Uniwersytet Wrocławski

The Doctoral College

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Mariusz Turowski, Associate Professor

Philosopher, journalist, translator; Associate Professor in the Department of Social and Political Philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy, University of Wroclaw; Honorary Professor in the Department of Philosophy, Bursa Uludağ University. Scientific Director of the Institute for the Studies of Islam; editor in-chief of „As-Salam” – Polish Muslim social-cultural journal; editor in-chief of the „Translation of the Meaning of the Noble Qur’an” (a project of a new, complete, theological and normative translation of the Qur’an into Polish language).

Main fields of interest: history of political thought (chiefly modern and contemporary), history of liberalism (especially interrelations between liberal political thought and racism, colonialism, economic exploitation, sexism and other forms of domination, as well as interrelations between liberalism and democracy, capitalism and populism); world-system analysis; eurocentrism; history and sociology of Islam; contemporary Islamic social, political and economic thought; comparative social and political philosophy.

Main publications (books):

Other activities:
- Institute for the Study of Islam, Scientific Editor of Books and Books Series (10 published titles in Social Sciences and Humanities, History of Muslim World and Islamic Studies),
- „Sociology of Islam”, journal, member of International Advisory Board, 2011-present,
- Muslims Association for Education and Culture, Scientific advisor, 2006-present,
- Muslim League in the Republic of Poland, Scientific advisor, 2006-present,
- „Islamophobia Observatory” (, Managing editor, 2013-2018.

Contact details:, room 308 (The Institute of Philosophy)