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Uniwersytet Wrocławski

The Doctoral College

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Ilona Błocian, Associate Professor

Ilona Błocian is an academic teacher and researcher in philosophical anthropology, social philosophy, history of  ideas, history of psychology. She initated the foundation of Bachelard Society and its activity in scientific research, projects and publication connected with the worldwide network of scientific societies, Centre des Recherches Internationales sur l’Imaginaire (CRI2i). She started cooperation with French researchers and scientific community in the University of St Petersburg. Professor Błocian is a co-author and author of the following scientific projects: The Power of an Image. Anthropological and Philosophical Grasps of the Image (in cooperation with Professor J. Krasicki and research team), Archetype and Cultural Image (in cooperation with Dr E. Kwiatkowska). She received Rector Award for Scientific Achievement (the University of Wrocław) and works in the Institute of Philosophy and the Institute of Sociology.

Her main interests include: philosophies of an image, visual communication, social structures of collective imagination, the history of the idea of unconsciousness, social psychology (aggression).  

Main publications

Contact details:, room 123 (The Instiute of Philosophy)