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Uniwersytet Wrocławski

The Doctoral College

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image: Recruitment 2022/2023

Recruitment results 2022/2023

01.06.2022 - start of the registration in the application system:
01.09.2021* - deadline for submitting documents (via the application system or in the International Office)
08.09.2021 - examination (the time of the exam in the form of videoconference with a candidate staying outside of Poland is set by the Secretary of the Recruitment Committee individually)
09.09.2021 -  final decision on admissions
23.09.2021 - deadline for submitting original documents

* Complete applications must be submitted by September 2, 10:00 a.m.. To allow the time for their preview by the International Office, we suggest that they be uploaded at least a day in advance (i.e. by September 1).